TAMPA, Fla. — A new program is offering employment opportunities for teens and young adults this summer.

CareerSource Tampa Bay is offering a work program for young people ages 16 to 21. The opportunity gives workers much needed experience, as well as a paying job in a variety of industries. 

This is the first time this type of program is being offered in Hillsborough County. 

Local energy management company Minimise USA is one of the businesses participating in the program. Young people working there will learn about the company and the business - from energy audits to lighting systems, all while getting paid. 

The idea behind the program is to give young workers opportunities to explore career options in thriving industries at local companies.

"We get to test drive the student and the student gets to see whether they like the industry or not," said Larry Pasetti with Minimisa USA. "So that’s a very good business decision on behalf of the employer."

CareerSource officials said even though unemployment is low in the Bay area right now, it remains higher for the 16 to 19 age bracket. 

"Keeping homegrown talent in the region is really important," said John Flanagan with CareerSource Tampa Bay. "And programs like this give this particular age group an opportunity to see what’s available to where we can help them identify career choices and career pathways right here in Hillsborough county as opposed to going elsewhere to seek them." 

CareerSource officials said the company is looking for additional businesses to participate in the summer job connection.