AGUADA, Puerto Rico — After Hurricane Maria devastated the island territory of Puerto Rico, the task of keeping people safe became extremely difficult.

  • Police equipment, gear sent from Florida to Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico departments had shortage after Hurricane Maria
  • Last year, Orlando police chief put out call for donations
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Officers have had to protect the citizens of Aguada, Puerto Rico, with limited gear and resources.

"A lot... lost their equipment because of the hurricane... Uniforms... boots and the holsters," Aguada Police Department Sgt. Aitza Cordero said.

So in April, Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon urged departments across the state to donate equipment to the island's agencies.

Now, $900,000 worth of U.S. mainland police gear is at their disposal.

"We are just being brotherly, not only from just a Puerto Rican community, but just from a community to a community," Orlando City Commissioner Tony Ortiz said.