NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. — A big debate is taking shape in New Smyrna Beach about the future of Flagler Avenue’s iconic wild roosters and chickens. While many love their feathered neighbors, others want them to fly the coop.

  • Some residents want the roosters in New Smyrna Beach gone
  • Mayor Russ Owen says most want the iconic roosters to stay 
  • Owen says he wants to instead address to aggressive roosters
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Tonia Kline has worked on Flagler Avenue for over 20 years and thinks the birds are a big draw. She knows most of them by name.

“We have Joe, and then we have Fat Albert who hangs out by the florist, and then we have Mr. Peckers who is here in the parking lot,” Kline said.

But even Kline admits some of roosters seem to be bad eggs.

“Two of our roosters are bad roosters, and they attacked a couple of people,” Kline said.

Some of those who had run-ins with the roosters now want them gone, according to the mayor of New Smyrna Beach.

“A couple of citizens, concerned citizens, have approached the city saying that some of the roosters are getting a little more aggressive, and (they) started some conversations about how do we deal with that,” said Mayor Russ Owen.

Owen believes most people do not want to see the roosters go, but something should be done for protection.

“So the question is, how do we manage it? How do we deal with it so we can ensure the safety while also keeping that ambiance that makes us so special and so unique,” he said.

The mayor said he plans on bringing up the issue at the next city commission meeting so they can discuss the best way to move forward. He said removing just the aggressive roosters might be the solution.