BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. -- Road Rangers are now on the ready all across Central Florida.

  • Road Rangers patrolling I-95 in Brevard
  • They will be helping stranded drivers 
  • The new service in Brevard is part of a $7 million contract

And like Omar Alvarez, they're helping people as they patrol the interstate in Brevard County.

"I like helping people," he said. "Perfect job for me, I get to drive down the road. If I see a vehicle, I can help them."

Alvarez is one of the ten new FDOT Road Rangers working Interstate 95.

Their job is to help motorists in need along the I-95 corridor with things like a broken down car, flat tire, an empty gas tank and to get the vehicle safely off the road while keeping traffic moving.

It's a perfect fit for Alvarez, who served as an Army mechanic for 22 years. During a ride-along with the Road Ranger, we spotted a stranded driver who needed help.

It turns out that the driver's car overheated, delaying his trip back to Melbourne.

"My temperature gauge went that way [up] and I was losing power," said Mike, the driver.

Alvarez came to the rescue, filling up the radiator with water.

"I was impressed," Mike said. "I've never had to use them before."

And just like that he was back on the road.

Just another day for the new Road Ranger -- with many more calls to come.

"Gives you a good feeling when you can help somebody out," says Alvarez.

The new Road Ranger service in Brevard is part of a $7 million contract.

They will be on duty Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.