TITUSVILLE, Fla. — One Titusville mail carrier's kind gesture has landed him in the spotlight.

  • Joe Neu fixed a broken bike during his route
  • Neu has been a mail carrier for nearly 30 years
  • He said stopped to see if he could help 2 boys

Joe Neu, who has been a mailman for nearly 30 years, takes his job very seriously.

While on his route last Saturday, Neu saw two boys with a broken bike.

Neu, a stickler for staying on time, decided to stop and help.

"In my mind it was a struggle, I have to get the mail delivered on time," he said. "I got down to the corner, and I said 'I have to go back and at least see what the problem is and if I can help.'"

Neu grabbed some pliers, borrowed some tools from a neighbor and repaired the bike chair so the boys could ride it again.

"I've worked with bikes before," he said. "It was an easy fix for me, for them it wasn't."

A passerby snapped a picture of Neu fixing the boys' bike and shared it on social media. The post, which garnered a lot of attention, said in part, "I love seeing small acts of kindness."

"I didn't expect someone to take a picture, put it on Facebook, and get all this attention," Neu said. "They [the boys] were like, 'oh thanks.' Kind of like, 'this guy stopped and helped us, now we don't have to drag or carry their bike home.'"

"All those people passing by on the road, he was the only one who actually stopped and helped us," said Addison Redditt, the boys' mother. "Really above and beyond."

Neu didn't get the boys' names nor where they lived. He just wanted to know if the bike was safe to ride.

We decided to arrange a special reunion.

For Neu, he hopes this small thing turns to a lifelong lesson.

"A simple thing to accomplish can make a world of difference," he said.

Neu said his father, who passed away three years ago, is his inspiration for helping others.