ORLANDO, Fla. — A man in his 70s is accused of pointing a gun at a Lake Mary couple during a dispute Sunday over a parking space at Disney's Animal Kingdom, according to a report from the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

  • Couples get into dispute over parking space at Animal Kingdom
  • According to one couple, the other couple pulled a gun on them
  • Incident report: Woman denies gun aimed though they had gun in vehicle

The couple, both in their 60s, were waiting for a space in the accessible parking section when the incident happened, the incident report says.

The woman, who was driving, told deputies she was waiting for another car to back out when a gray SUV from the opposite direction tried to cut her off. The driver of the other vehicle was described as a man in his 70s, according to the Sheriff's Office report.

The woman's husband told deputies he raised his fist at the SUV driver, who then allegedly raised a gun and pointed it in their direction.

Both the woman and her husband said they feared for their lives.

Deputies located the SUV driver and his passenger at the park's security checkpoint.

The passenger, a 65-year-old woman from North Carolina, offered a different account.

She told deputies that the SUV driver had made a gesture with his wallet, not a gun. She also told deputies that both she and the driver had concealed weapons permits and that they had a gun in the vehicle.

The SUV driver was not arrested because of conflicting statements given to deputies. But the case has been sent to the State Attorney's Office, which will determine whether to bring charges.