ST. CLOUD, Fla. — Lake Lizzie Preserve in Osceola County is one of the newest sections of the Florida National Scenic Trail. It’s all part of an ongoing effort to close a gap in Central Florida.

  • Lake Lizzie Preserve new section of Fla. National Scenic Trail
  • The 3.5 miles of the conservation area is in St. Cloud
  • Goal is to have all trail pathways across Fla. eventually connect 

“It’s so amazing when you can actually see hear and feel what nature is doing around you,” said Bob Finley, who grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio at the edge of a county park.  

Now a Central Florida resident, Finley is excited about the Florida National Scenic Trail as it has an extra 3.5 miles in St. Cloud off the Lake Lizzie Conservation Area.

The Florida National Scenic Trail spans 1,300 miles, all the way from the panhandle to the Everglades. Parts of it hit south Orange County and north Osceola County, and now the trail goes through Lake Lizzie Preserve.

“All I can tell folks is come on out, said Robert Mindick, the director of Parks and Public Lands for Osceola County. “Explore these beautiful conservation areas we have in the county, and even go in a national trail that people around the world know about in your own backyard.”

Osceola County said this new path helps them work towards their goal of removing “on-road” miles and to close gaps within the trail corridor.

Finley hopes this internationally-known trail will attract people from all walks of life.

“Enjoy these wonderful natural areas around us,” added Finley. “That really is what helps us have peace and mind and a good feeling in our heart.”

While not all pathways are connected at this point, the goal is that eventually they will all hook up for better accessibility to the north and the south.