MELBOURNE, Fla. — A Brevard County company will once again help kick off this year's Super Bowl, and as usual they are playing a key role in a “toss-up.”

  • Highland Mint in Brevard creates coin for Super Bowl 53
  • Gold coin will be flipped by a referee at the game
  • Owner says exposure helps keeps the 150 employees busy year round

Wednesday, the actual gold coin that will be tossed at Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta came off the mint.

The shiny piece of metal will be flipped by the referees to see which team gets the ball first.

There is also number '0,’ the second minted coin that will be used if overtime is necessary to determine the winner between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots February 3.

"No matter if you are or aren't a fan of either team, it's an honor to be associated with the Super Bowl and the NFL," says Highland Mint owner Michael Kott.

It's the 26th year for coin-maker Highland Mint. Limited edition 10,000 silver coins were manufactured at the business, and was just shipped back Wednesday after a quick trip up north to get gold plating.

"The first 100 goes to the NFL," Kott said.

The rest are sold to the public for $99.99.

Kott says the exposure Highland Mint gets from the huge spotlight of the game keeps the 150 employees busy year round, with licenses from other pro-sports and anyone wanting a personalized collectible.

"Because of this, a lot of companies find us, and we make coins for them," Kott said.

But none are bigger than the one basking under the lights of Mercedes Benz Stadium come Super Bowl Sunday.

In case you were wondering, in Super Bowl history, heads has come up 25 times, and tails 27 times.