KISSIMMEE, Fla. — A project to help the homeless in Osceola County that seemed farfetched for many, might just become a reality as one charity is stepping in to potentially help make it happen.

For two years, Osceola County Commissioner Peggy Choudhry has been advocating for a One-Stop Resource Center dedicated to help end homelessness.

Choudhry brought it up at a county commission meeting, but her board members were not in full support. She also took the issue to the city of Kissimmee, but once again, not enough support.

“It’s a shame to feel that I don't have the support of the county commission when it comes to services, because this is important to all of us in Osceola County,” Choudhry said.

This is why the commissioner decided to get help from somewhere else. Choudhry has presented her idea to the Salvation Army, and they seem to be listening. Most recently she spoke with the Salvation Army’s Osceola Advisory Board to get some feedback.

Hand in hand, they hope to kick off the project with a $1 million budget. As far as infrastructure, the Rock Church in Kissimmee offered to donate 20-acres worth of their property as a location for the center.

When it comes to personnel and resources, Choudhry is donating thousands of dollars from her betterment grant funds. The Salvation Army will launch a fundraising effort specifically for this project and will also collect some matching funds.

Choudhry said she’s going to keep pushing for this because she wants to help the people who are most in need.

“I am not giving up. This organization is going to help make this happen,” Choudhry said. “And I would love the continuous support of the citizens, because that is what matters to me.

The proposal for this One-Stop Resource Center is going through the Salvation Army’s approval process for new programming by their divisional headquarters.