ORLANDO, Fla. —  Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is now caring for nearly two dozen German Shepherds from a hoarding situation in Georgia.

  • Pet Alliance took in 21 of the over 400 dogs rescued
  • They had lived outside, had little contact with humans
  • They will eventually be adopted out, but not to just anyone

The shelter says the 21 young dogs were part of over 400 rescued from a puppy mill. Pet Alliance says the dogs were living in deplorable conditions, largely outside.

Many of the dogs were underweight, and shelter workers believe they had little human contact, making them a little timid and fearful. 

Shelter workers are getting the dogs cleaned up, checked out, and will conduct behavioral assessments before deciding to adopt them out. 

"They are not your typical owned animal," said Kathy Burns, the Pet Alliance director of operations. "They were outdoors only, obviously. So, they will be a special adoption for someone who understands their needs. And we'll set them up for success."

Pet Alliance may begin adopting some of the dogs out as early as next week. Be sure to check with the Pet Alliance locations in Orlando and Sanford, or on the Pet Alliance website.