Google built a dark ride for its booth at the Consumer Electronics Show.

  • Google debuts dark ride at Consumer Electronics Show
  • Ride follows a frantic dad as he tries to complete errands
  • The ride is being used to promote Google Assistant

The ride debuted Tuesday at the Las Vegas Convention Center and is being used to promote the company's Google Assistant software.

The Disney-style ride follows a frantic dad as he tries to complete errands before a surprise birthday party. Along the way, he uses Google Assistant to help him navigate traffic as well as make it to the bakery to buy a cake.

Featuring a host of animatronics, the ride moves through various scenes--kids wreaking havoc in the house, a traffic jam, and eventually the bakery -- while a catchy soundtrack plays overhead.

There's even a camera that takes your picture toward the end of the ride.

CES is the largest tech convention in the world, with major companies like Apple and Amazon showing off their latest gadgets.

Watch a 360-degree video of the Google Assistant ride and judge for yourself.