The intersection of Canyon Boulevard and Freestone Avenue in Monrovia was made famous because of the Netflix movie Bird Box.

Since the film's release in December of 2018, people have begun flocking to the area. Neighbor Amy Nielsen is able to watch the crowd come and go from her front porch.

“This has been going on constantly since last week,” said Nielsen.

Geraldine Cerna and Candace Chen are among the people who have made the trip out to visit the site. They made a point to stop and take pictures.

“This is so dorky,“ said Chen.

Wearing blindfolds just like in the movie, they went up the steps and posed.

It might look pretty ridiculous to some. In the movie, the house in Monrovia is where several people hide during an end-of-days sweep of suicides. Survivors cover their eyes because almost everyone who sees the mysterious threat takes their own life.

With all the commotion the formerly quiet neighborhood feels more like a public park than a residential street.

“They probably feel like they lost their privacy,” said Chen.

“But at the same time there’s a bird box sitting on their stairs so I’m not really too sure how invasive we’re being if they’re advertising that as bird box, right?” said Cerna.

Bobby Ruiz already has his own cell phone video. He took it when the film crew was working. He lives just across the street from the now famous home. Ruiz’s video shows dozens of actors running up the street.

Whether it’s paid extras or hordes of lookie-loos, Ruiz hasn’t had much of a problem.

“We’re in it for like a split second. It’s pretty cool so I’m not seeing any of the royalties yet, but hopefully one day,” joked Ruiz.

Ruiz says filming closed down the street for several days. During that time he could see a lot of strange things from his living room window.

Even with the cast and crew long gone, parking is sometimes troublesome with all this new attention.

Nielsen also doesn’t mind the crowds, only the late night visitors.

“The only thing that’s been really annoying for me is in the middle of the night, occasionally we get some people at one or two in the morning, but other than that everyone has been pretty friendly,” said Nielsen.

New people keep climbing the steps to capture their own moments, but the neighbors who are watching wonder when will the excitement reach its finale.