WASHINGTON — President Trump says he will speak to the nation in a primetime address about border security Tuesday night.

The address will take place at 9 p.m. EST.

The president announced the address in a tweet on his regular Twitter account. 

The president has dug in hard on the need for border wall funding, which caused a partial government shutdown in December that is ongoing.

The president wants $5 billion to begin funding the construction of an expansion to the border wall. 

The president met with advisers at Camp David this weekend to go discuss the issue, while cabinet members continued to negotiate with Congressional leaders.

In recent days the White House has floated the possibility of bypassing Congress for border wall funding altogether, calling the issues a national emergency and deploying the Dept. of Defense to secure the border.

Vice President Mike Pence said Monday the White House was looking into the legality of declaring a national emergency and begin construction on the border wall.

President Trump is also expected to travel to the border on Thursday.