Silver Springs State Park is known for its pristine water and crystal clear springs, but now there's a new, more intimate way you can view the wildlife.

Glide through the trees and get up close and personal with nature.

"It's really nice just in terms of how quaint it is and how much fun you can have on the water," says a Silver Springs kayak crewmember.

A personal guided tour through the crystal-clear waters of Silver Springs took us on a journey through the uniquely different 22 springs that make up the park.

We even took a ride on their famous glass bottom boats, but Silver Spring State Park is changing things up and giving way to a more intimate view.

Silver Spring State Park officials are now offering what they call clear bottom kayaks that you can rent and take through the pristine waters for a whole new view of nature.

There is even some Hollywood history you will be able to find in the different springs.

"At Silver Springs in some of the springs you can even find movie props from some of the James Bond films. So there is this unique perspective of the history of the park and some of the movies and TV shows that were filmed here blended with the natural history of this place," Andrea Farmer, the marketing director at Silver Springs State Park, said.

It is safe to say Silver Spring State Park makes for an exhilarating day trip through one Florida's purest natural springs.

"This place was here before everything else before Disney and all the theme parks, so it's definitely special and has that history," says a worker.

The park is open year round from 8 a.m. to sundown. There is a small fee per vehicle to enter the park.

For more information on pricing for kayaks head to its website.