Get ready to rumble, this adventure will literally leave your teeth rattling.

  • Revolution Off Road lets you explore the woods on ATVs
  • People can also ride Mucky Ducks, an eight-wheeled amphibious car
  • Visit Revolution Off Road here

At Revolution Off Road, off the beaten path in the woods of Lake County, you take adventure to a whole new level. You will be zipping through dirt trails and Florida nature all on many different unique types of all-terrain vehicles.

"The first thing people say when they come out here is just how beautiful it really is because this is the natural Florida," owner Kevin Jowett said.

Located on 230 acres you can traverse Revolution Off Road's property on single rider ATVs, multiple seat ATVs, and even eight-wheeled amphibious cars that trek through mud and water, the Mucky Ducks.

"It was just a great adventure! You come out here and get on those dirt trails and just let it go. There are hills mud, loose sand. You can weave in and out of trees. It's awesome," first-time visitor Russell Hampsey excitedly said.

The property is expansive, so Revolution Off Road also offers other outdoor activities. If ATVs are not your speed, you can always try out Revolution Off Road's archery station or its clay pigeon shooting.

"It's a diverse crowd. You have people coming from all over America who ride ATVs and want to get out and see that Florida countryside and then you have people that have never done it and want to try it out. We really do cater to everyone," Kevin Jowett said.

Revolution off Road is open seven days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The park also hosts special events. Coming up on April 28, Revolution Off Road be holding its first annual Central Florida Brew Fest.

Prices range depending on what adventure package you choose, you can find more information on Revolution Off Road's pricing by heading to its website.