Parents in Orange County are taking an active role in finding a solution to school threats.

Thursday night at Windermere High, more than 200 people gathered in the cafeteria to listen and discuss issues at hand.

But right when parents and community members were given the opportunity to talk, a security alarm went off and forced everyone to evacuate the building.

"It upsets us, because now people are leaving and our voices are not being heard,” said Katie Laccese,  a parent.

The anger and frustration was apparent on many people’s faces, but those looks of disappointment quickly turned to looks of determination.

"Who better to recognize when a child is in trouble? Who better to recognize when your child is obsessed with a website that is concerning? Who better than you to know what is stored in the room in your own home?” said one woman, when a microphone was brought outside.

The meeting continued outdoors for about 30 minutes, while fire fighters and law enforcement worked on what set off the alarm.

While they waited, people gathered in a circle and brought out note board to jot down all of the ideas discussed.

"Bullet proof doors, red lines ... Accountability, panic buttons, panic buttons for the teachers. We want them to go directly to the police,” said a group of mothers.

"As a community, when it comes to being together, it doesn't just start with high schools, it starts with elementary school, middle school parents, and everyone that lives in our area,” said Ryan Andres of West Orange High School.

OCPS officials said dust clogging a sensor on the second floor caused the alarm to go off. There was never a real threat of danger.