An Orange County man was taken to a hospital after trying to escape deputies by jumping into a lake. 

  • Suspect tries to escape deputies by jumping in lake
  • Deputies say man tried to steal car near OBT and 42nd Street
  • Suspect was spotted in the water and taken into custody

The incident happened early Sunday near Orange Blossom Trail and 42nd Street.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the suspect attempted to steal a car then he took off on foot.

During a foot pursuit, the suspect picked up a bicycle and threw it at a deputy, authorities said.

Deputies say the man then ran through Rene Viamondes' backyard and jumped into Lake Holden. 

The suspect then jumped into Lake Holden to hide from deputies.  A helicopter was used to spot the suspect’s location in the large lake. 

He was pulled from the water and handcuffed.

“They had him in the boat, handcuffed and he jumped back in the water,” said Viamondes, who witnessed the suspect being pulled from the water.

The suspect, who has yet to be identified, was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center. ​