Way above the trees in rural St. Cloud, you'll be swinging like monkeys alongside old Florida nature.

  • Forever Florida has a wide-range of zip lines
  • It also has the country's only zip line roller coaster

Hop on one of their buggies, head down a dirt road, past the cows and alligators and you'll find yourself at Forever Florida.

"Spots like this you really can't get anywhere else. You look 360 degrees around you and it's nothing but woods and it's just so beautiful," zip line manager Cole Houston said.

However, there is something a little more exhilarating is waiting for you than just nature. You will be strapping in for a zip line adventure that will send you up above the treetops.

It is not just your average zip line either. Forever Florida has the only zip line rollercoaster in the country, the Rattlesnake Zip Line Coaster.

"People are a little apprehensive at first, but they get on it and let the gravity take them and they're just soaring through the trees and it's an amazing experience," Houston said.

The coaster sends you on a nearly 2-minute journey down from 75 feet off the ground through turns and drops at close to 25 miles per hour!

"It's really not that easy! It's scary! It's that initial my heart is racing and I'm shaking but once I did it, it was just too cool," first time zip liner Becky Barr said.

Forever Florida has a variety of different activities and different zip line courses they offer for daylong adventures.

"Definitely one of the only experiences you can have in Florida's native wilderness verses going to some of those other attractions where you're just going to stand in line for two hours, but out here it is beautiful and pristine," Houston said.

Forever Florida's Rattlesnake Zip Line adventure pack starts at $69.99. You can get more information here.