People who use the popular home-sharing company Airbnb will fall under some new regulations in Orlando come this summer.

  • Orlando approves ordinance for Airbnb
  • Allows home-sharing for primary residences, when owner is present
  • Owner also needs to register with the city
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Orlando city commissioners approved a new ordinance Monday that allows the city to regular short-term rentals.

The new rules are meant to allow more home-sharing, while also making sure it doesn't exacerbate the city's affordable housing crisis or the visitors don't become nuisances.  

Among the rules -- the property owner must live on-site and be present to manage the visitor.

Bookings have to be limited to a single party, with no more than four unrelated persons or two persons per bedroom in a group. 

Also, all people using their property for Airbnb must register with the city and get a permit. That will be monitored by the planning department.

The ordinance goes into effect July 2018.

Airbnb applauded the city's ordinance Monday. "These smart, thoughtful regulations will allow Orlando residents across the entire city to share their homes for supplemental income and welcome more visitors to the City Beautiful," said Tom Martinelli, the policy director for Airbnb Florida.

Airbnb said affiliated homes in the Orlando area had 215,000 guest arrivals in 2017, and generated $24.7 million in supplemental income.