OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. — The Osceola County Expressway Authority — the agency that built the Poinciana Parkway — will no longer exist.

  • Osceola County Expressway Authority ending
  • The agency is transferring all of its projects to CFX
  • Board members voted on a 5-cent toll increase for Poinciana Parkway

In Tuesday morning board meeting, members voted to transfer all of agency's projects over to the Central Florida Expressway Authority.

Atlee Mercer, the former chairman, says he is proud of what the agency started. The Poinciana Parkway was the first element in its 2040 transportation master plan. The goal is to make a beltway around the county’s most populated areas.

"People said to me and to other members of our board, 'why are you doing this, nobody can get this thing built,'" Mercer said. "And, of course, we got it built in no time, and in no time as far as public road building goes. It's good to enjoy a success but it's even more fun to solve a problem for the community that has been outstanding for a very long time."

In accordance with the bonding for Poinciana Parkway, the board also voted on a 5-cent toll increase for Poinciana Parkway starting in January.