SPRING HILL, Fla. — Not long after he finished interviewing for a job, a Florida man tried to shoplift shoes from the store where the interview took place, deputies say. 

  • Dominick Breedlove accused of trying to shoplift from Kohl's
  • Deputies said he'd just interviewed for a job at the store
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Hernando County deputies said they were called to a Kohl's store in Spring Hill just before 4 p.m. Wednesday in connection with a shoplifting attempt in progress.

When they arrived, they were told that a man had entered the store earlier in the day for a job interview. After the interview, the man reportedly went to the shoe department and went through every pair of Nike shoes on display, looking for a pair without a security tag.

After finding a pair, he walked out to his car, got a Kohl's bag from a previous shopping trip, went back in the store, picked up the shoes, and walked to the customer service desk, deputies said in a news release.

Encountering a long line, the man then went back to the shoe department. Deputies said he placed the first pair of shoes in the Kohl's bag he was carrying, grabbed another pair that were still in the box, and then left the store, bypassing cashiers.

The man's actions were witnessed by a security worker, deputies said.

The man, later identified as Dominick Breedlove, 24, of Hudson, Florida was taken into custody in the parking lot. 

The two pairs of women's shoes had a combined value of $150.

Deputies said Breedlove told them he was going to give them to his mother as a gift.

Breedlove was booked into the Hernando County detention center and charged with retail theft. 

Kohl's reportedly did not hire Breedlove for the job.