ORLANDO, Fla. — If some big companies have their way, drones could soon be delivering packages to your front door.

  • FAA: Companies have testing licenses for drone-package delivery
  • No laws have been put in place for such deliveries
  • Drone enthusiasts says there are turbulence to overcome for those companies

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, some companies like UPS and Amazon have been granted testing licenses for drone-package delivery, but no laws or rules have been put in place.

Last year the city of Orlando passed a new ordinance restricting drone use within 500 feet of city-owned parks, schools, venues and gatherings with more than 1,000 people.

Drone enthusiasts say there are still hurdles to cross before drone package delivery happens.   

"For Amazon or any other commercial use to fly a drone around and deliver products they need a transponder because now they are flying out of line of sight. They are not using hobbiest laws in rules, they are using commercial rules," said drone pilot Michael Angelo.

The FAA has not changed commercial laws that would allow for package drops-offs outside of the drone operators line of sight.