LAKELAND, Fla. — An alligator attack has occurred in a Lakeland community, sending someone to a hospital.

  • Victim expected to be OK
  • Gator is being removed from area

It happened in Cypress Lakes, a retirement community, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed.

Spectrum News has learned a person was taken for treatment.

The retirement community is located off U.S. Highway 98 North. There is a golf course in the area.

In a Facebook post for its residents, Cypress Lakes said:

"Earlier today a resident entered a water/wooded area of the community that is commonly inhabited by gators in an effort to flush out birds nearby.

This activity resulted in quite a commotion, which ultimately led to the resident being bitten. We were informed the resident will be OK; the removal of the gator is in process. 

This is a reminder to all that we live in a community where wildlife is natural and plentiful. Be respectful of the creatures we coexist with, as we can do so peacefully, and always be cautious of your surroundings - specifically wood lines and water banks."

We have a crew and a helicopter headed to the scene — check back for more details.