ORANGE CITY, Fla. — The holiday season means a lot of deliveries to people’s doorsteps, but those packages can become targets for thieves.

  • Authorities urge people to be vigilant about package deliveries
  • Police say thieves target front porches, especially during holidays
  • UPS says drivers always look out for suspicious activity

Delivery companies and law enforcement urge homeowners to take steps to prevent themselves from becoming victims of theft.

Florence Vandom says earlier this year, she never got packages marked “delivered” to her Orange City home. She says someone was stealing her husband’s insulin.

“Small boxes – they think it’s something important – it is important to him,” said Vandom. “And when they find that they just throw it away. I wish they would bring it back.”

Vandom’s next door neighbor’s home surveillance system captured video one in the morning on Black Friday, when someone appeared to ride through her neighborhood scoping out homes. Neighbors say the same day several packages were stolen.

Police say thieves target front porches, especially during the holidays – even sometimes following delivery drivers on their routes. UPS says its drivers always look out for suspicious behavior.

Vandom installed surveillance cameras and a system that alerts her whenever there’s movement in front of her home.

“It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it to have it because now we’re free, because even if you go places we know the house is safe,” said Vandom.

Vandom says many of her neighbors who also have similar surveillance systems share information with each other online. Vandom believes thieves now stay away from her home, but still target homeowners who don’t have home security systems in place.

UPS advises customers to have packages delivered to their workplace if they aren’t going to be home during the time of day when packages are delivered.