ORLANDO, Fla. — It has been one of the warmest falls on record for Central Florida so far, and this November has been mostly warmer than average.

Up until this brief cold snap, November is the 11th warmest on record-to-date for Orlando, 10th warmest in Daytona Beach, sixth warmest in Sanford, and it ties for the sixth warmest on record in Melbourne.

So while this shot of cold air is brief, it is significant considering how warm this fall has been up until this point.

In fact, for temperatures to drop below 40 degrees for lows and to have afternoon temperatures cooler than 60 degrees during the month of November is rare in Central Florida.

Orlando has only had one day during November at or below 60 degrees since 2010, and that was in 2012, while only two days have seen morning lows drop to 40 degrees or colder.

In Melbourne, there hasn’t been a day with afternoon highs at or below 60 degrees since 2010 in November. Melbourne has only felt temperatures of 60 degrees or cooler for afternoon highs 28 times since records began in the area in 1940.

Daytona Beach has had four days with temperatures at or below 60 degrees, and three of those took place in 2014 with the other being in 2012. Their morning low temperatures have only dipped to 40 degrees or colder four times in the past eight years outside of this week.

Like the other three cities, Sanford has rarely felt these types of cool temperatures during the month of November. There have only been two days in Sanford where afternoon temperatures were 60 degrees or cooler and three mornings with temperatures at or below 40.

While this cold snap isn’t shattering record cold high or low temperatures, it is a rarity for November standards based on historic weather data.

Even with this brief chilly spell of weather, this November will likely go down as one of the top 15 warmest on record for all locations and one of the warmest fall seasons on record (September to November).

**Records for Orlando go back to 1892, 1940 in Melbourne, 1945 for Sanford and 1937 in Daytona Beach.**

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