SANFORD, Fla. — The holidays are usually a season of giving, but a Sanford-based charity organization is picking up the pieces after being victimized by someone intent on taking and breaking.

  • Sports 4 the Kids first broken into in 2017
  • Nonprofit will try to move to new location
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“What happened this time is just pure destruction,” said Danny Trosset, founder and president of Sports 4 the Kids. The organization helps underprivileged kids with sports scholarships and equipment.

Now, for the second time in two years, they have been burglarized. 

On Monday, they found their windows smashed out and the inside of their building tossed and turned. 

“The whole floor was covered in glass,” said Trosset. “When we got here on Monday, it was an absolute disaster.” 

The first time they were broken into was in February 2017. This recent break-in, Trosset says, feels very different from the first. 

“Whoever broke in, it really wasn’t about the theft, as much as it was just vandalism," he explained. "And so this, by far, was the worse of the two." 

The organization runs entirely through volunteers, so any setback like this hurts. But instead of giving up, Trosset said the organization will continue on. 

“There are too many kids out there that need our help, so we are not going to let something like this slow us down,” said Trosset. 

Trosset said they will try to move to a new location, because he just doesn’t want to get hit again. In the meantime, he hopes the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office catches whoever is behind the break-in. 

“I personally would love to just sit down and talk to the person or people, whoever did it, and find out why," he said. "And if they need help, and we can help them, than we may very well help them."

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