ORLANDO, Fla. — There's a new addition to the Central Florida population that's particularly susceptible to the recent cold temperatures: people who moved here from Puerto Rico.

  • Some Puerto Rican families not prepared for cold weather
  • People can donate coats, gloves, hats at Latino Leadership Inc.

They're not used to it and may not be prepared. Puerto Rico is very far south, geographically, and it's extremely rare to have cold weather like we've seen.

Many of the families who moved here are still busy getting back on their feet after Hurricane Maria and may not have had the time, or the money, to buy warm clothes.

"They just started working. They are trying to cope with their expenses and everything," Latino Leadership President Marytza Sanz says.

At the Puerto Rico Family Resource Center, part of Latino Leadership in Orlando, Sanz is busy going through donations of warm clothes and boots. She says they've already taken calls from families looking for that, and the donations are like miracles.

"It's like donating your organs — it's donating something that is going to be helpful for another family," Sanz said.

This likely won't be the last time the temperatures drop like this across Central Florida. So if you'd like to donate, you can stop by 8617 E. Colonial Drive in Orlando.