ORLANDO, Fla. — A death investigation is underway after two bodies were found inside a home in Azalea Park.

  • 2 bodies found in Azalea Park home
  • Handwritten warning signs also found; Hazmat called onto scene

The bodies of Leslie McKinley, 47, and her son Kody Larue, 14, were discovered in a home on Forsyth Road early Monday evening. Authorities responded after getting a call about a strange odor coming from the house.

The bodies were in advanced states of decomposition, according to deputies. A note also was found with the bodies, warning of "toxic chemicals."

Investigators believe McKinley and her son died after inhaling the chemicals.

Neighbor Tim Stephenson watched it all unfold.                                                      

“It’s a neighborhood I grew up in since 1967. It’s a relatively quiet neighborhood, nice place to live,” he said.

 Forsyth Road near Peony was blocked off for a couple of hours while the investigation was being conducted.

Armstrong says there doesn't appear to be any concern to public safety, but he also says it's still early in the investigation.