ORLANDO, Fla. -- Orlando residents can recycle their used cooking oil that's left over from Thanksgiving.

  • Orlando offering used cooking oil recycling program
  • Residents can drop off oil at several locations
  • The program is free to use 

The city is offering several drop off locations, and best of all, it's free.

Officials warn that pouring oil and grease down a drain can cause the sewer lines to become blocked, leading to backups.

Here's what you need to do to recycle your used cooking oil: After the cooking oil has cooled, pour it into a shatterproof container. Then take it to one of the drop off locations listed below.

  • Beardall Senior Center, 800 S Delaney Avenue
  • Callahan Neighborhood Center, 101 N Parramore Avenue
  • Citrus Square Recreation Site, 5625 Hickey Drive
  • College Park Neighborhood Center, 2393 Elizabeth Avenue
  • Colonialtown Neighborhood Center, 1517 Lake Highland Drive
  • Department of Families, Park and Recreation, 595 N Primrose Drive
  • Downtown Recreation Complex, 363 N Parramore Avenue
  • Water Reclamation Division, 5100 L.B. Mcleod Road

For a full list of drop off locations and hours of operation, visit the city of Orlando website