ORLANDO, Fla. — Body camera video from the night a gunman killed four children and shot Orlando Police Officer Kevin Valencia at an apartment back in June has been released.

What started as a domestic violence call turning into a 21-hour standoff was released Tuesday.

Police released 12 different body camera videos of the officers who were there that night showing the tense moments that unfolded.

One of the videos shows Valencia's body camera as he approached the apartment of gunmen Gary Lindsey with another officer back on the evening of Monday, June 11, 2018.

The videos show more officers at the scene.

"There are 4 kids in the house," one officer is heard saying.

Guns are drawn by officers and residents are seen evacuating the apartment.

"Go in your car and leave," an officer says in the of the videos.

Lindsey ended up shooting the four children in their beds and also Valencia, a two-year veteran on the force.

He remains in a coma at a rehab facility in Atlanta.

"He such a strong person in general and has such a good heart," said his wife Meghan.

Meghan Valencia said her husband has undergone several surgeries.

"He's trying to move his fingers. It's very slight moments. I know he's sitting there saying, 'Just give me a minute, guys. I am coming back. You are going be blown away what happens,'" she said.

Meghan Valencia is so thankful for the community's support during this time.

"Uplifting Kevin and uplifting my family people praying for Kevin," she commented.

OPD issuing a statement Tuesday saying, "We are pulling for the recovery of Officer Kevin Valencia and keeping his wife Meghan, their two boys, and his extended family in our prayers."