ROCKLEDGE, Fla. -- Space Coast drivers got quite the surprise from police over the past couple of days.

  • Police officers hand out turkeys instead of tickets
  • Part of the department's Stuff the Cruiser campaign
  • Drivers were relieved and surprised

After pulling over drivers, instead of handing out tickets, Rockledge Police handed out a holiday treat.

"In lieu of tickets, we issued a lot of turkeys, Assistant Chief Donna Seyferth said.

It was part of the department's annual "Stuff the Cruiser" campaign.

And for those pulled over, it was a welcomed surprised.

"They were surprised, and pleasantly so," Seyferth said.

Take for example, Brenda Seigel, who was stopped on Murrell Road.

"I was thinking 'what did I do wrong?'" she said.

Seigel and her friend recently found out they are about to be without a place to stay, right before the holidays.

"Thankful," she said about receiving the free turkey.

"We have families, we have bills," Seyferth said. "We get it. Hopefully that does reach them."

Rockledge Police handed out more than dozen donated turkeys just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.