BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. -- A Brevard County family used their story of struggle as inspiration, creating something to help thousands of families.

  • Space Coast Basket Brigade delivers Thanksgiving meals
  • 1,000 of volunteers help feed families in need
  • The group delivers more than 2,000 baskets each year

The Space Coast Basket Brigade, which was founded by three sisters, is a labor of love. It was started as a way to provide families in need with a Thanksgiving meal.

The inspiration for the program came from Erin Allen's childhood. Growing up,​ Allen's mother sustained two injuries that ended up causing permanent damage and their family lost everything.

“During that time we could not find help," Allen said. 

So for one day, Allen doesn't want a family to have to decide between a necessary bill and a Thanksgiving meal.

Since 2009, the group went from delivering four baskets to delivering more than 2,000 baskets each year.

The Space Coast Basket Brigade has more than 1,000 volunteers each year and dozens of sponsors who make this event possible.

To find out ways to help, visit the Space Coast Basket Brigade website.