ORLANDO, Fla. — An Orlando police officer remains in a coma more than five months after he was shot during a deadly standoff after a domestic violence call back in June.

His wife, Meghan Valencia, says unfortunately there’s not much progress with her husband’s condition – but she remains hopeful.

Spectrum News 13 caught up with Valencia at an annual SWAT competition in Orange County on Friday.  She says her husband often trained to be a SWAT officer, something he aspired to do one day.

“He’d be out here for like six hours – on his day off,” Meghan said. “He was really hoping to be a part of it this year and, unfortunately, this happened.

After responding to a domestic violence call on June 10 at the Westbrook Apartments off Kirkman Road and Florida’s Turnpike, police say the suspect, Gary Wayne Lindsey Jr., shot Officer Valencia in the head before eventually killing four children, then himself.

“I’m fortunate that he’s still here,” said Meghan.  “Even in the state that he’s in – he’s still here.”

Valencia remains in a coma at the Shepherd’s Center in Atlanta. Meghan travels back and forth to visit him.

“I just hope that he comes back and I pray for that everyday,” she said.

She says her husband sometimes opens his eyes, but his responses are limited.  He’s had several surgeries.

“If there is anybody that can come out of this, it’s my husband,” Meghan said. “We were each other’s first boyfriend and girlfriend when we were 12."

Despite how long Kevin's been in a coma, she knows he is strong and can make a comeback

"I know he’s sitting there just saying, Give me a minute guys, I’m coming back, and you’re going to be blown away by what happens,'" said Meghan.

However, the longer the time goes by the harder it gets to hold onto hope. 

“I see people on the street with their hands holding and I’m like, I had that once you know,” she said.

But what's even worse is trying to find answers for her 5-year-old son.

“He’s trying to understand, when is daddy going to be OK and when is daddy going to be able to play with me again, and it’s those tough questions that I don’t have an answer for him,” Meghan said. 

Through everything, she’s staying strong.

“I have to go on,” she said. “I have two kids that need me, I have a husband that needs me.”

Meghan says many people continue to write her letters of support and offer her support in many ways.  She says anyone who wants to help her family can pray for her. 

The family also set up a GoFundMe page

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