ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Under the expert tutelage of St. Petersburg Yacht Club Executive Chef Joseph Van Bemmel, get ready for delicious roasted tom turkey with vermont maple syrup, rosemary and sage. 

The dish requires the separation of the dark meat and the breast meat, which is first cooked at a different temperature. 

After being wrapped in plastic and foiled and boiled in 130 degree water, the breast and dark meat come back together for an oven back and then in boiling maple syrup. 

It all adds to a combination of sweet and savory. And delicious.


1 24-to-26 pound Tom turkey

4 cups pure Vermont maple syrup

½ cup fresh sage blanched 

¼ cup minced fresh blanched rosemary 

½ cup chopped parsley 

Kosher salt and black pepper to season

Dried cranberries for garnish


The day before: 

Remove the turkey breasts from the bird, and season liberally with salt, pepper and fresh herbs. Wrap each breast tightly with plastic wrap and foil to give uniform shape.

Place in zip lock or vacuum bag and cook sous vide (wrapped tight in plastic bag, boiled at 130 degrees) 18 to 24 hours at 134 degrees. 

The day of:

Season the legs and thighs liberally, and roast traditionally until internal temperature is 160 degrees and the pieces are golden brown. 2 and a ½ hours before serving, remove the turkey from the oven, and rest 30 minutes.

Carefully remove dark meat from the bones, and make your turkey gravy from the pan drippings your way. 

Reserve and keep the dark meat warm.

One hour before serving, unwrap the turkey breasts, and sear in hot oil until golden brown. (Chef uses canola oil.)

In a sauce pan, boil the maple syrup for two to four minutes. 

Add fine herbs and parsley.

Then carefully add the turkey breasts, turning often so they glaze evenly.

Remove them when well glazed, and let rest 30 minutes.

Slice and arrange them on to a service platter with dark meat and enjoy. (Chef takes the remaining syrup and pours it over the dark meat)