MELBOURNE, Fla. — Just in time for the holidays, the city of Melbourne has placed temporary dumpsters at a community center, because residents say illegal dumping is becoming a problem.

  • Melbourne places dumpsters at community center
  • Residents say people are illegally dumping
  • Dumpsters available for use until December 7
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For the first time, residents in the community have a place to get rid of their unwanted tires and larger trash.

Melbourne resident Willie Harden, 80, says that because these dumpsters were in place, the neighborhood is starting to look good.

“(It’s) very smart to do that; that will save a lot of trash from being on the side of the road,” Harden said.

Another resident, Michael Brown, says people often do not have transportation to bring their larger trash to the Cocoa landfill, and that's one of the main reasons people are illegally dumping in his neighborhood.

Brown has lived in South Melbourne for 65 years and says this is nothing new. According to him, it's becoming a bigger issue because people are now dumping more tires.

“(You’re) purchasing other furniture, you've got to get rid of the old one, so they put (it) on the side of the road for the city to pick up,” Brown said.

According to the city, waste management will pick up larger household items, but it's up to the person to call for pickup. But one thing the department won’t pick up pick is tires.

Residents in the neighborhood say being able to get rid of tires will reduce mosquitoes from breeding after the rain. Harden says this will prevent people from getting sick and will also give the neighborhood a clean start.

The dumpsters will be available for use until December 7. They are located at the Joseph Davis Community Center on 2547 South Grant Street in Melbourne.