KISSIMMEE, Fla. — The LGBT+Center Kissimmee will celebrate the addition of two celebratory sculptures to the front of their facility on the corner of Monument Avenue and Church Street during a special fundraising event Saturday.

  • Sculptures are a rainbow-colored mailbox set, rainbow-colored heart
  • Sculptures will be unveiled during fundraising event Saturday
  • Want more information? Visit Facebook event page

The corner of Monument Avenue and Church Street has two new additions in front of the LGBT+Center Kissimmee facility. Two new sculptures now adorn the space: a rainbow-colored mailbox set and a rainbow-colored heart. 

The mailboxes face different directions, symbolizing how open the community is to receiving positive and uplifting thoughts. People are encouraged to actually leave handwritten notes for the LGBT Community inside the mailboxes.

“So, a mailbox, throwing a metaphorical note into it, will help heal. That’s why I came up with the boxes,” said Edmundo Lopez, the artist behind the mailboxes as well as a teacher at Cypress Creek High School. 

Artist Angel Baron, created a heart using the colors of the LGBT flag. You can see the inner workings of the heart with a moving fan Baron said is there to provide positive energy.

Baron can’t help but get emotional just thinking about recent tragedies.

“There’s so much concentration on the bad stuff and not too much concentration on the good stuff,” Baron said. “Hopefully we will come to a point as humans in which we can focus on what's beautiful out there, and that's my whole mission with all this.”

There will be a fundraiser for the Center on Saturday during which both sculptures will be unveiled. "Rainbow Fest" will be family-friendly and will also have a drag show, singers and a live band.

“This becomes something we really need to do to keep the funding for us continual and provide education, groups and everything that the community needs,” said Sally Berverena, Director for the LGBT+Center in Kissimmee. “We should be able to continue this throughout the year. This is very important to us.”

Rainbow Fest is on Saturday from 4pm-8pm at the Center in downtown Kissimmee. To learn more, visit their Facebook event page.