KISSIMMEE, Fla. — After school lets out for the day, some students don’t have anything to do and sometimes that gets them into problems. However, one program in Kissimmee is helping keep the kids off the street on school nights.

The Rock Church located minutes from Disney is not your typical church — just ask the mother-daughter duo Marisol and Fedora Elipe.

“This is not only our church, this is our family,” Marisol said.

They’re part of a new program meant to steer teens away from trouble on school nights. Marisol and Fedora help volunteer because they believe in the “Rock Performing Arts Night.”

Miriam Martes the pastor at the Rock Church said she noted an issue when it came to the youth and violence in Osceola County. That’s why she created a mentoring program at no cost for kids of all ages.

“… sometimes all you need is one person that can affect the life of a young person and redirect them. Sometimes they just need someone to love them, someone to redirect them,” Martes said.

All children are welcome to come to the performance classes put together by the church's volunteers. There are classes for dancing, singing and poetry. These after school classes are meant to distract kids and put their talents to good use.

Ultimately the children will put on a show in the church's 5,000 seat arena.

The Rock’s big show will be on February 22. In the meantime, the church is looking for choreographers or other people who can volunteer their talents to help teach these classes.