Cleveland, OH --The concept of food halls is getting flipped in Ohio. 

Spectrum News checks into a new dining experience that's aimed both to help chefs break into the industry and give diners more options. 


  • Galley Group Expands to Cleveland with 3rd Food Hall
  • 4 Restuarants Under One Roof
  • Historic Forest City Bank Location
  • Open Seven Days a Week





Everyone involved hopes the Ohio City Galley heats up with visitors. 
Along with Sauce the City, three additional dining options are located in the food hall that doubles as a restaurant accelerator.
The Galley Group operates the space, along with similar halls in Pittsburgh.
The group’s vice president of operations Chad Ellingboe says this option gives chefs the opportunity to experiment with new ideas without taking on extra overhead.

Chad Ellingboe, The Galley Group Vice President of Operations:

"It’s always hard for a chef to break into the market. A lot of it is due to the cost of opening up your own restaurant. That’s where the restaurant accelerator idea comes into play. It’s a low risk, low cost option for these chefs to open up their own spots".

The Galley Group provides the space and equipment in exchange for a chunk of the restaurants’ revenue.

Just as The Galley Group has taken a chance on these new concepts, restaurateurs are hoping Clevelanders embrace them.


Check out Ohio City Galley for their hours, location and menus.