ORLANDO, Fla. — Democrat Anna Eskamani and Republican Stockton Reeves are running for Florida State House District 47, which covers Orlando and includes Edgewood, Bell Isle, and Winter Park.

Eskamani is a working class daughter of immigrants from Iran, born and raised in the Orlando area.

For the last 10 years, she’s been working in the community, serving as the Senior Director of Planned Parenthood.

“Everything that I do is grounded in my love for this community,” Eskamani said.

Her opponent Reeves grew up in Orlando and is a father of two. He’s a businessman behind the Center for Public Safety in Winter Park, and also runs a family-owned architecture firm.

“I look at Central Florida like a jigsaw puzzle. It has a lot of component parts that are very critical,” he said.

Difference in priorities

Eskamani said she has her priorities in order.

“Help make sure we have a fighter in Tallahassee for public education, healthcare access, for environmental protection — someone who is brave enough to take on the National Rifle Association and fight for common sense gun safety legislation,” she said.

Meanwhile, Reeves said he will be focusing on public safety, job creation and environmental protection.

“When I got in this campaign, there were three words that motivated me, some of the most deeply profound political words — 'We the people,' so that means everybody.”

Mail pieces paid for by the Republican Party of Florida call Eskamani 'vulgar' and highlight her use of profanity. Reeves said he can speak and listen to everybody, while his opponent cannot.

“Anna is too busy yelling at us; she’s a social protester,” he said.

Eskamani said her campaign is fueled by volunteers and individual donors. She said Reeves is desperately trying to stay relevant.

“We are grounded in the people of this great community and want to do our part and fight for everyday families,” Eskamani added.