ORLANDO, Florida — Republican State Rep. Mike Miller is campaigning against Florida's District 7 incumbent and Democrat Stephanie Murphy to take over the congressional seat.

Florida's 7th Congressional District includes all of Seminole County, a typically-republican leaning area. It also includes parts of northern Orange County, and the northeast area of downtown Orlando, which leans Democratic.

Murphy surprised Central Florida when she beat incumbent Republican Rep. John Mica in 2016 — he held the District 7 seat for more than two decades.

Now, Miller hopes to unseat Murphy and return the district back to Republican control.

“Stephanie Murphy had no voting record, so now she has a voting record … she voted against a tax reform … she would vote against the things that really matter to Central Floridians and especially when it comes to the economy,” Miller told Political Connections’ Ybeth Bruzual.

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