BREVARD COUNTY, Florida -- NASA has delayed the launch of its Ionospheric Connection Explorer spacecraft, the space agency announced Tuesday.

  • ICON launch from Cape Canaveral delayed
  • NASA says more testing needed on Pegasus XL rocket
  • ICON satellite will study the ionosphere

The ICON spacecraft was set to taunch Friday from Cape Canaveral Canaveral Air Force Station aboard Northrop Grumman's Pegasus XL rocket.  However, NASA said it will conduct more testing on the rocket.

A new launch date will be announced once testing is completed.

The rocket and satellite arrived from California last Friday via Northrop Grumman's Stargazer L-1011 jet.

Once launched, ICON will study the ionosphere, where Earth's weather meets space. NASA wants to understand how this part of the atmosphere affects radio communications and satellites.