BREVARD COUNTY, Florida — Parts of the Brevard coastline are still reeling from the effects of red tide as testing continues to determine the latest levels of toxic algae in the Atlantic Ocean.

After a relatively clear weekend, Monday — as they say with the winds of change — the coughing and wheezing continued nearly a week after red tide was first felt on the Space Coast.

"Right away, (it) feels like prickles in my throat," Janine Englehardt told Spectrum News, coughing, moments after stepping out of the car at Melbourne's Paradise Beach Park. "I was under the impression it was getting better."

Red Tide has continued at Brevard County beaches. Lifeguards are still wearing masks or bandanas.

Their sign says "not a good beach day.”

A county worker trimming trees donned a mask too, and beachgoers were seen coughing.

"It's not good for business," said Anthony Sargenti, owner of Paradise Treats food stand.

 Sargenti says sales are down, and one day last week his sales dove nearly 80 percent.

He says his employees are losing pay and tips, because he will have to close down two days this week due to the customers staying away to avoid red tide conditions.

"We need all the help we can get," he said. "When the red tide is gone, we don't want to be gone too."

A Brevard County crew tested nine different ocean spots along the coast Monday for the latest red tide numbers. Spectrum will pass them along when they become available.