TITUSVILLE, Florida — Titusville Fire Department is looking at new fire technology that will make their job safer.

  • MSA Cairns XF 1 helmet designed to be safer
  • Chief John Hustoles says average life span of helmet is 10 years
  • Helmets cost about $300

The fire department is looking at a new type of helmet -- the MSA Cairns XF 1 -- that is designed to be safer and align with cancer awareness programs as written by the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN).

The helmet reduces snag hazards, provides a customized fit, and houses its own integrated light module. The soft goods are removable, washable, and replaceable making it cleaner to wash away any toxins.

According to Titusville Emergency Medical Services Chief John Hustoles, the average life span for a helmet is 10 years. The helmets cost around $300.

The price range is about the same as the more traditional helmets but provide more coverage to the head of the firefighter.

“(It’s) too much of an expense to outfit the whole department, but as the older helmets expire, we can slowly, as this is all a projection … replace the expired helmets with the newer style helmet,” Hustoles explained.

Right now, the department is looking at the MSA Cairns XF 1 helmet as a new alternative but still has to get the approval from the fire chief and go through the purchasing process, which can be lengthy at times if this new helmet gets the green light.