ORLANDO, Florida — One of the big races in November is for U.S. House District 7, where incumbent Democratic Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy takes on Republican State Representative Mike Miller.

In what could be their last debate before elections, many topics were covered in the hour-long debate hosted Tuesday by the Tiger Bay Club.

It was a full house listening to Murphy and Miller's opening statements, both seeking District 7's seat, a district that's been split between both parties.

"We don't necessarily walk over to the senator's office and look if there’s an ‘R’ or ‘D’ on their door — we look at good public policy that’s going to help the tax payers and families of Central Florida," Miller said.

"Today, nobody questions whether or not I know how to use that ballot box, because they know my vote belongs to my community,” Murphy said.

Things got a little heated when talking about social security.

"Unlike my opponent, I do not support the age tax that would charge older Americans more money for their health care,” Murphy said.

"I would never take away social security from somebody who paid in or somebody who's earned it,” Miller said.

Both agreed the healthcare system we currently have doesn't work, and more needs to be done to help during the aftermath of hurricanes.

Another split in the opponents’ views showed on second amendment rights.

"No community and no mom, no family should continue to live with that kind of threat to gun violence,” Murphy asserted.

"I will continue to defend the right of a person to defend themselves — that is the bottom line," Miller said.

Now, this might be it as far as debates go for the candidates before the general election on November 6.

Miller told Spectrum News he is willing to debate Murphy as many times as it's made available. Murphy told us it is up to her campaign schedulers to see if any more can happen.