ORLANDO, Florida — The Orange County Sheriff's Office is in search of a few good women.

It is filling open positions with an emphasis on increasing the number of females on the force. The office's Women in Law Enforcement Forum and Safety Expo is being held Saturday. 

Deputy First Class Angie Keller focuses on recruitment.

"I have a lot of people say, 'I don’t know how you do this being a woman,' but you know, you get awesome training here," she said.

There are 239 sworn women working at the Sheriff's Office, compared to 1,325 men.

Saturday's free event is an opportunity for it to recruit and for women to learn about a career in law enforcement.

"We have a night shift, you know, the afternoon, and the morning shift, and we can accommodate people, so we really try to work with families and things like that,” she said. 

Keller sees first hand what women can bring to the field.

"I've gotten a call from a supervisor and said, 'Hey this guy is not coming out of the woods and he wants to talk to you,' because I've dealt with them before and they know that I'm going to talk to them in a calming, motherly voice and they know I'm not going to mistreat them,” Keller explained.

You can register in advance online for Saturday's Expo and reserve a seat for the session at 10 a.m. or noon at the Sheriff's Office on West Colonial Drive.