BREVARD COUNTY, Florida — Republican gubernatorial nominee Ron DeSantis is in full campaign mode, making a stop Tuesday morning in Brevard County, highlighting that law enforcement openly endorses the candidate.

Less than a month away, Florida will choose its next governor, and DeSantis hopes to take that spot. Standing behind him are 11 sheriffs, including Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey.

“(DeSantis) understands the importance of locking up criminals and not letting them go,” Ivey said.

DeSantis says he wants sentences to be followed according to law and not personal opinion.

“I want judges that are going to apply the law, and not find a (technicality) just because you don’t like the death penalty to overturn an enacted sentence,” he said.

Another hot topic discussed was health care, because Florida has more people using Obamacare than any other state -- that's well over one and a half million people.

Even though DeSantis never mentioned when he will lay it all out in a plan, he did say something needs to be done, and the concept of 'right to shop' would be something he would implement.

“It’s too expensive for people, and we need to make it more affordable,” DeSantis said.

Before wrapping up, he said his way of winning over the undecided voter or potential democrats is by putting himself out there on as many debates as possible.

“I want as many Floridians possible to see the differences in the two candidates. We had five debates but only have two confirmed right now. We want at least one more,” DeSantis said.

Andrew Gillum's office did confirm he will be at the debates, and the only reason why he canceled Tuesday's debate with Desantis is because Gillum is focusing on helping Tallahassee recover.

His office tells Spectrum News 13 Gillum is endorsed by five sheriffs, including Orange County's Sheriff.