WINTER SPRINGS, Florida — The coexistence of technology and humanity is an evolving choreography. So one local artist is interpreting that in the form of digital fine art.

"It kind of would be nice to hit the pause button (on technological advances) and let us catch up with it," Ed Myers told Spectrum News inside his Lake Mary home.

Earlier in his career, Myers designed merchandise at Universal Studios. He then worked on video games with Electronic Arts. He has been a digital artist for a few decades, saying the art form hasn't always been perceived as "real art."

"That's when I actually changed my subject matter, and I started telling stories about the technology and how it's affecting us," he said, pointing to his latest project. "This one is Orlando and how the theme parks and attractions and all these technological advances have transformed Orlando."

So when people walk up to his booth at a festival, what do they ask him?

"Well, the first thing I usually get is, 'What kind of drugs were you taking?'" he laughed, denying any usage. 

And secondly?

"A lot of people think I have crazy dreams," he said.

Myers uses a Wacom tablet to create his art. It's like a beefed up mouse. It's a type of input device for the computer that is often times more useful for photographers and graphic designers to handle.  

Speaking of tablets, his self-portrait has an iPad literally inside of the art. 

"He has kind of opened up a new world for me," his wife Vanessa said.

Myers added, "That's when I'm most relaxed, is when I'm creating."

You can meet Ed Myers and nearly 125 artists this Saturday and Sunday at Artoberfest this weekend at Winter Springs Town Center.