VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — The Volusia County Sheriff's Office started early Sunday to head to Bay County.

Panama City is known for its tourism and spring breakers but now it has turned into rubble. The Volusia County Sheriff's Office is bringing gear like ATV's and high water patrol units to help out.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, watching the devastation Hurricane Michael caused was devastating, and at the request of the Bay County Sheriffs Office and the Florida Sheriff's Association, they are the second wave of agencies to respond, and there is a third on standby.

Nearly 900,000 customers across seven states are without power and at least 18 people are dead, so with all the crews heading out they hope they can save people.  The crew of deputies from Volusia County will be bringing high water trucks, mobile kitchen/bunk to be self sufficient, pickup trucks, and patrol units.

One of their team members, Sergeant Michael Anderson, says last year he helped Naples after Hurricane Irma but knows this hurricane aftermath is worse.

“I know a bunch of agencies that are responding in the news it looks bad, it looks much worse than what happened in Naples,” says Sergeant Anderson.

This crew consists of 15 members and some are bringing high water vehicles.  They are also working in 12 hours shifts or more as needed. They are camping out anywhere they can find a spot like churches and businesses.

“We are willing to do anything they tell us to do, whether its traffic or cleaning up the road, anything they need us to do,” Volusia County Sheriff Michael Chitwood said.

The mission will last seven days and they have another crew on standby.