MELBOURNE, Florida — A Melbourne, Florida man could be "fired up" after a typical Amazon delivery to his home turned into anything but.

  • Florida actor ordered performance supplies on Amazon
  • Kurt Mullins was shocked to see ammo fall out of damaged box
  • Amazon doesn't permit sale or delivery of ammo, is investigating

Kurt Mullins isn't upset, but instead, he's just glad what was in the package came to him and not someone else.

"I initially took the green screen out of the box, and I felt something else rattling around," Mullins said Friday from his front porch. "The box was damaged and had a lot of excess tape on it."

In addition to a video production "green screen," the actor had ordered for his latest performance, what else was inside the box shocked him.

"I just kind of dumped it out, and it was a box of 9 mm bullets all over the floor, and I was like, 'Whoa,' " he recalled.

It was a new box full of 50 live rounds. 

Mullins is a former Army National Guard reservist who still owns firearms, so he knew exactly what he was looking at.

"If they were to get damaged, they could misfire, go off on their own, and that could cause an injury," Mullins said.

Mullins is relieved that the ammo found its way to him, and not a family with children.

He immediately contacted Amazon, which began investigating. The company told him it most likely happened during transport due to the box's condition and have looked into every stop it made.

In the meantime, Amazon advised Mullins to turn in the ammo to Melbourne Police.

"This isn't likely to happen to someone else, but if it does, make sure you report it, dispose of it properly, and just be safe and smart about it," Mullins advised.

Amazon and its third parties do not permit the sale or delivery of ammunition. It said it's working with the delivery company to find out how this may have happened.