WAKULLA County, Fla. — Storm surge began to creep into some coastal streets in St. Marks in Wakulla County Wednesday morning, hours ahead of Hurricane Michael's landfall. 

Evacuations from Apalachicola left an eery emptiness in the early morning hours before what could be a catastrophic hit.  

Devastating storm surge in St. Marks, about 60 miles east of Apalachicola, could be as high as 13 feet. 

Bridges in and out coastal communities in the Panhandle are being shut down as winds hit 40 mph. 

As of early Wednesday, the Franklin County Emergency Operations Center said people were still evacuating. Some roadways in and around the region, parallel to the Gulf of Mexico, will be flooded and impassable. 

Officials said they are concerned St. Marks could be inundated with higher levels of water than it saw from Hurricane Dennis in 2005.